Cardano Stake Pool


Low Fee

100'000 Pledge

Swiss Pool

Automatic Backups

Delegate and earn

Get more out of your ADA and stack with us. Delegate to the ARVE Pool and get the reward back in your wallet.

Be a part of Cardano

Join the Cardano network and grow with us. With your delegation you are part of this great development.


With our dedicated server we are an independent part in the network. Be happy that your ADA work in the Alps ;-)

₳RVE Pool Live Data



Blocks per Epoch

Epoch Blocks
of estimated

Data from ADApools.org, thanks. Get more information about the ₳RVE pool:

How to delegate

Use the Daedalus or Yoroi wallet for the delegation.

How to delegate my ADA

Install Wallet

If you have not yet installed Daedalus or Yoroi, do so and follow the instructions during the installation.

Choose Pool

Navigate to the Delegation center and Stake pools. In the search field enter Arve and find our pool.


Click on the ARVE box and click 'Delegate to this pool'. You will receive your rewards after a couple of epochs.

Do not worry, the stake pool operator does not have control over your funds, and you always keep your ADA.

More information

Visit the Cardano website

Visit the official Cardano website to get more information and discover what you didn't know before.